Watters Brothers and How They Came to Know Commercial Cleaning

If you are into the mix of rock and roll and jazz, Watters Brothers can introduce you to a solid wonderful fusion of music that you never thought could exist together. Ken Watters plays the trumpet and Harry Watters is in charge of Trombone. Watters Brothers had released three major records with Summit (Brothers, Brothers II, and Brothers III) and they found their way to Top 50 on the US Jazz Charts. Most of their music was played mainstream across the US, Canada, and Australia. These brothers have come along way and now decided to come up with their own business and ventured into something far from their first love, Music. It is just funny because before these guys came into the music industry, their family was running a small commercial cleaning company back home. 


Ken Watters and Harry Watters are born in Huntsville, Alabama. Ken is a member of several performing groups The Office Cleaner in Tabou Combo, Natalie Cole Band, Magic City Jazz Orchestra. We also heard that the Magic City Jazz Orchestra has this group of office cleaners who can perform jazz too. He attended the University of North Texas while doing a part-time job as a commercial cleaner. He also participated in the famed Lab Band Program and studied trumpet with internationally renowned teacher, Leonard Candelaria. Later, Ken pursued his music studies in New York with Lew Soloff and Wynton Marsalis. 


His recent CD released was on his own. The album is called Haitian- Carribean influenced Jazz Septet. The group self-titled album was released in selected countries worldwide under the same producer. His latest musical project is ongoing. He had formed a new band of six. This venture includes the vocalist Ingrid Felts and the rest of the band are comprised of the most in-demand musicians in the southeast. They are the pianist, Keith Taylor, bassist Abe Becker, percussionist Darrell Tibbs, drummer Marcus Pope, plus Felts and Watters. 


Ken is also teaching as a professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where he also works as a coordinator of an office cleaning company.


Harry Watters on the other hand, has his own successful path in the music industry. He has performed across the United States with many Jazz artists. He has also been a part of the United States Army Orchestra where he was given a solo in trombone. Harry Watters also appears annually at the East Trombone Workshop. Harry Watters also has his own commercial cleaning business who focuses on hiring and deploying commercial cleaners all across the US. 


The Watters brothers, Ken on trumpet and flugelhorn, Harry on trombone, together produce a sound that will take you back in time. They are backed with the pianist, David Marlow, bassist Roy Yarbrough and Jay Frederick back in the ’50s. This brother blasts off on 11 singles, with six of them being originals. There’s a certain amount of muscular playing by horns but that ultimately pall. 


Watters brothers became a part of a music genre that originated in the African- American communities. Their music spread around the world, it drew on national, regional, and local musical cultures which had different variations and styles. Although some jazz purists protested against the blend of jazz and rock, Watters brothers had made it possible. A lot of jazz innovators follow through and crossed over the contemporary hard bop into a fusion. Their music has the electric instrument of rock and fusion it with the powerful amplification of jazz. Watters brother collaborated with big names in Jazz scenes like Miles Davis, Eddie Harris, and Chick Corea. 


Now that Watters is not that active in performing their music anymore. A lot of their fans cannot help but reminisce about the era where Watters brothers’ music is on a fly. But do not be sad for them, they had their fair share of the game and are now happy and contented with the alternate route that they venture. Their commercial cleaning business became a success that catered to a lot of businesses in and out of their state. They had employed less than a hundred commercial cleaners and office cleaners too. Based on the last news that I heard of them, they are trying to market office cleaning in Ohio too. Whatever it is, one thing that I am sure of is, their music will always be remembered by those who loved them. I just wished that they also team up with Spotify and have copies of all three albums uploaded there. Itunes has a couple of their songs available too. I just wished that they add more to it. Listening to their music is a sure way of bringing a nostalgic, Deja Vu type of feeling. It is a hardcore rock-jazz fusion that you will not be able to find in modern music on this day in age.